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Amazing Nature Facts About Biology and our Environment

We can all learn a lot from amazing nature trivia. Our environment is full of amazing and spectacular displays of amazing nature that are beyond our imagination. Here are some amazing nature facts for you to help you appreciate our great world and its beauty.

Amazing Nature Biology Facts
You may not want to go back to your school biology class again and relearn everything but you can't help but be amazed by the amazing nature and biology of the living things in our environment. Take a simple bean, for example. Scientists have discovered that a simple bean has more DNA cells than our human cells. How amazing is that? This is a fact that will stick with you and help you appreciate amazing nature and biology.

Cells are something that are truly amazing. We all probably think that cells are all so tiny you can only see them with a microscope. Actually the egg laid by a chicken is a single cell! Here's another amazing nature fact: Spiders survive by drinking blood from other creatures. A spider's blood is completely transparent, though.

There is so much to learn and so many amazing nature facts out biology that are very fascinating. There are just as many amazing nature facts about our environment!

Amazing Nature Environment Facts
There is a ton of fascinating information out there about our amazing nature and the environment. We all need to learn how to live in harmony with the environment and how to conserve one of our most important resources, water. There are varied opinions about just how much water there is on the planet. All you have to do though is look at a map or globe to see that water is everywhere and there is more water than land.

There is a lot of water you don't see that is under our earth's surface. The glaciers that are in the far corners of the earth make up a lot of this unseen water and go through cycles of evaporation, condensation and release over and over again. Of all the water on our planet, there is only 2% fresh water.

The environment to us usually means the earth but we also need to consider the amazing nature that is our sky. There is much to see in the sky. We can all learn a lot by studying the sky and and learning what is up there and how it affects us on earth. We all see the moon almost every night and often don't give it a lot of though. There is no atmosphere on the moon. If you were to look out into the sky from the surface of the moon you would only see black sky with nothing in it.

Our earth has an atmosphere, unlike the moon. We often take for granted the earth and all the amazing nature and beauty that is available for us to enjoy here. The more we study our environment, the more we can appreciate all it has to us and we can learn how to protect it from harm.


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