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Energy Efficiency: What is Its True Definition?

Energy efficiency can be explained in a variety of ways. It basically means discovering how to consume less energy without sacrificing the quality of energy. This may not make a lot of sense to you, but it is a very similar idea to energy conservation. Energy efficiency is all about using less energy through improved efficiency and energy conservation is about changing your behavior so you use less energy. There is a definite difference so everyone should be clear on this.

Energy Efficiency or Energy Conservation?

It is easy to live an energy efficient life. Energy efficiency does not mean you need to alter your habits and behaviors but that you should use more efficient equipment and appliances in your daily life so you use less energy. There are many energy efficient things you can do like buy new energy star appliances to replace your old ones or drive a more energy efficient car.

If you decide to save energy by walking to your destination instead of driving or climbing stairs and not riding in the elevator, you are not actually living the energy efficiency definition. These changes in your life mean you are modeling energy conservation instead. The energy efficiency definition indicates that you would do things like drive your hybrid vehicle to the store instead of your traditional car.

Living a More Energy Efficient Life

You can make a lot of small changes in your life to live in a more energy efficient way. The company you work for may not want to put in energy efficiency appliances but you can buy some for your house. The small things you do every day to live the energy efficiency definition will make a big impact on the environment over time.

There are a lot of political and social groups that are attempting to spread the word about energy efficiency to businesses and homes everywhere so you don't have to. A good thing to do is to patronize businesses that are living the energy efficiency definition.

Why Live with Energy Efficiency in Mind?

Energy efficiency should be a life long commitment. Conservation is good for the environment but does not have as big of an impact. It is not realistic to expect people to live without air conditioning in hot parts of the country or to sell their cars and walk everywhere. The energy efficiency definition is more realistic because people will by more efficient cars and appliances.

Energy efficiency is something that pays you back because you use less energy and your utility bills go down. The more you practice energy efficiency the more you will save. You can get similar pay back with conservation but that requires a lot of sacrifice. Energy efficiency is a better solution for this reason.

The important thing to know about the energy efficiency definition is that it has to do with using available technology to conserve energy without sacrificing quality of life. Conservation is all about changing your actions and habits. That is the main difference between the two.


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