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The Importance of Studying Animal Ecology

It is very important that scientists study animal ecology. Animal ecology is the study of animals, how they interact with each other, and how the interact with the environment. There are different types of animal ecology that are studied including:

*Behavior Ecology studies how an animal's behavior affects other creatures and the environment.
*Population Ecology studies how population changes affect animals.
*Marine Ecology studies animals that live in the water.
*Evolutionary Ecology studies how animals adapt over time to the changes in the environment.

These are only a few forms of animal ecology, there are more. The reason scientists study these things is to learn about how animals are able successfully adapt and succeed in life and how they fail. A lot of the issues studied in animal ecology are the result of our effect as humans on the environment.

This is evident all over the United States but it is most often seen in how marine life is affected by humans. All you have to do is look at the lakes and ponds in your area wherever you are and you can see how we as humans have damaged the environment and hurt the animals. Animal ecology has had to adapt to the damage we have done to the environment. The best examples of how humans have affected animal ecology are the following:

*Some of the animal habitats in the water are completely gone. For example, reefs and other fragile ecosystems have been destroyed due to human behavior.

*The climate change caused by humans has resulted in damage to the arctic, which is the habitat of the polar bears. Other animals that reside in these cold areas are equally effected.

*The changes humans have made to rivers and lakes like putting up dams have destroyed the habitats of many animals and made it difficult for them to survive.

*Our rapid deforestation in many jungle areas had eradicated many species of animals.

*The growth in big cities has forced animals to move out further and further away from their natural habitats.

Animal ecology has been affected in many more ways than these. Scientists who study animal ecology are trying to find out what has happened to our animal population and why. We need to take seriously the destruction that has happened and realize how many species of animals we have lost as a result. Animal ecology is our best hope to make sense of what has happened and hopefully change things for the better in the future so we do not continue to hurt our animal population more.


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