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Most alternative energy projects today make use of renewable energy sources found in nature, such as water motion, wind, and sunlight. These energy sources are sought out as desirable alternatives to limited energy sources found in nature, such as natural gas, oil, and coal. At the present time, the renewable alternative energy sources are not used as often as the limited energy sources because it is more difficult to harness large amounts of energy from these sources. However, they are desirable because they are virtually unlimited and their use has a minimal impact on the environment.

When gas prices hit record levels, people who had not been as concerned about the environment and limitations on current energy sources suddenly became more interested in alternative energy sources. Now most businesses and many individuals are trying to find ways to benefit from alternative energy sources. The government is renewing its interest in alternative energy sources both to appease these people and to improve national security by reducing reliance on foreign energy sources. If the present fuels become unavailable before alternative energy becomes readily usable, cultural and economic calamity will strike.

This is why alternative energy is thought of as a path to individual and national independence. This independence, if achieved, will also help ensure the stability of life as we know it. A variety of alternative energy sources are being put into use today. Geothermal energy, for example, is harnessed from the heat that rises from beneath the Earth's crust or that is found in air and water above. Flash steam is the name of the process commonly used.

Solar energy is collected using a variety of methods. One example of collecting solar energy is the production of electricity from sunlight using photovoltaic panels. This is becoming a popular form of energy production for installation on homes and businesses, with installers being available in just about every sunny region in the United States.

There are other important alternative energy sources in use in specific areas. In windy areas, wind energy is typically converted to electricity or motor power using spinning turbines. Likewise, in areas with large bodies of water in motion, waves power or water flow power are converted into usable energy forms.

Most of these alternative energy sources have been widely in use for quite a while now, though we have steadily improved our efficiency in converting these alternative energy sources into usable energy forms. Many of these alternative energy sources can be used on a scale large enough to make an individual household energy independent. However, work needs to be done to get to the point where society as a whole can function without limited energy sources.


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