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Why Computer Recycling will Save you money

With new forms of technology coming out everyday more PCs and other electronics are becoming obsolete. So, where do all these old electronics end up? Almost 3 quarters of today's electronics are being stored away or are sitting in a landfill.

This means that there are millions of people who would benefit from computer recycling. Fortunately there are many computer recycling centers out there that will allow you to deliver your computer to them for free, they'll not only pay for your postage, they'll recycle your computer by installing its metals in other forms of new technology. This is a bonus for the environment as well as some parts of a PC are poisonous. While an easy internet search will direct you to a local computer recycling plant, there are a few non-for-profit organizations based online that will take your unused computer. In addition, there are plenty of huge chain electronic stores that serve as drop off sites for PC recycling.

Individual PC retailers will incorporate their own PC recycling programs, and will even compensate you for your old units. Upgrades are another thing to bear in mind. Instead of purchasing a brand new PC, you could simply upgrade your old PC, and save a lot of money by eliminating the need to dispose of your old PC. When searching to buy a new PC, it's important think about what you should do with your old model. Depending on the age and demand of your current computer , you have the option of buying an ad in your local paper and selling it in the classified's section.

If your PC is in good condition, you could donating your PC to a local charity, school, or library knowing that teachers and students will benefit from its use. Before you either sell or giveaway your computer make sure that all your personal information has been removed and wiped clean from your hard drive. At times people forget that there's a large amount of information stored on your hard drive such as credit card numbers, previously visited websites in your browser's cache, and much more. In the wrong hands this type of information can leave you open to identity theft. And always remember to reformat your P. C. before it leaves your hands.

Your PC doesn't have to sit in the landfill, you could help your local high school by donating your PC, or perhaps you could help the environment by taking it down to your local recycling center, or if you have two computers you can try doing both. Whichever path you take, there are many ways to help you recycle that old computer!


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