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Tips for Auto Recycling

Auto recycling business deals with the recycling of automobiles for resale of its usable parts. These usable parts are handled with great care in order to protect them from damage. The scrap material obtained from the process of auto recycling is sold on wholesale prices.

Auto recycling is not an easy task as it needs a lot of care and attention to details. If you have an automobile that you want to recycle, here are some tips:

- Make sure that you remove gasoline or diesel fuel.
- The LPG or CNG tank of the vehicle should be removed.
- Remove the battery, it can be recycled.
- Drain the engine oil and coolant.
- The motor oil can be recycled so keep it aside in a separate, clean container.
- Get the air conditioning refrigerants removed.
- Make sure the metal is properly cleaned and all debris removed. This metal can later be melt down and used in formation of some other product.
- If the wheels and wheel covers do not have many scratches, resell them as used parts.
- It the wheels and wheel parts are not in a condition to be used again, sell them as scrap.
- Dismantle the automobile seats and separate different material for recycling.

The following car parts can be easily donated to a Certified Auto Recycler for recycling:
- Used oil filters
- Tires
- Transmissions
- Rubber hoses
- Belts
- Radiators

So the next time if you find that any of these parts need replacement, donate the old ones to a certified recycler. Also, before buying automobile parts, check if it is made of recyclable material. It is best to use these recyclable parts as they are easy to dispose off.


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