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How to Build a Composting Toilet of Your Own

Composting isn't just an environmentally friendly way of reducing landfill, but also a means of saving money and becoming self-sufficient. If you build a composting toilet of your own, you will use less water, do less environmental damage, and have leftover fertilizer to improve your garden.

Composting toilets make use of the concept that 90% of your excretions are water. Once you evaporate that water, there is only a little bit of waste material left to be broken down and converted into usable fertilizer. The process quickly removes the smell that most people fear will be present with such a toilet. The only exception to this is freezing weather, which can drastically slow the evaporation and breakdown of human waste. Some additives can help the process move along faster. If you've ever built anything by yourself, you won't find that it is difficult to build a composting toilet of your own.

Build a Composting Toilet

  1. However large you think the composting area should be, plan for an area even larger. The extra room will move the breakdown process along more quickly.

  2. You need to purchase some tools, a five gallon buck, 3/4"plywood, and a toilet seat.

  3. Put a hole equal to the opening on the five gallon bucket in a piece of plywood that is 18"x18".

  4. Hinge an 18"x3"piece of plywood to the 18"x18"piece of plywood.

  5. Use the plywood to build a box that is 21"x18"x10" You will use screws to attach the 18"x3"piece of plywood to the top of it so that the larger plywood piece can be lifted.

  6. The leg height should be set so that the bucket protrudes 1/2"through the top of the box. Once this height is set the legs can be screwed down inside the box.

  7. The toilet seat should be placed so that the bucket will rest against the underside of the edge of the toilet seat opening. Once the seat is placed, screw the seat down to the box.

  8. All of the wood on your composting toilet needs to be stained and varnished before you put the bucket in the box.

Your Composting Bin

You need more than just a toilet seat and a box to complete your project. You also need a composting bin where the breakdown of waste into usable fertilizer will occur. This bin should have a biodegradable cover for the process to be effective. You can use old leaves, straw, hay, sawdust, or weeds as a covering. A thermometer is a good idea to monitor the heat generated by the breakdown process. You need to do some general research about composting if you are not already very familiar with the process.


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