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Athens Auto Recycling of Georgia

A fine example of how hard work made a small business into a company of great pride to the local community is the story of Athens Auto Recycling. Recycling is a business, if done without cutting corners, that can be both profitable for the owners and the community as a whole. This is how Athens Auto Recycling got started in the 1940s. In fact, the business started with only a red wagon for collecting scraps. Now Athens Auto Recycling is a full-blown recycling business with an ever-growing list of recycling services available. It has been a valuable addition to the community, and that value continues to grow with the company.

Currently, the range of services offered by Athens Auto Recycling is everything you could expect from an auto recycling center. They break down cars and trucks into parts for re-use and scrap metal. They offer up these recycled materials at very competitive prices. They can scrap a very wide variety of metals, from steel, stainless steal, copper, and iron to lead and brass. In fact, Athens Auto Recycling manages to scrap about 7.5 million pounds of various metals each month. You can easily imagine how this is very beneficial to the company profits, community, and environment.

In fact, it is this focus on reusing scrap materials that makes Athens Auto Recycling so beneficial to the environment, and thus such a valuable member of the community. But this is not necessarily true of all recycling businesses. This is true of this business because it is a family-run business that seeks out long-term viability, rather than short-term solutions that may cut corners and increase profits.

Athens Auto Recycling takes an active role in community life, often donating scrapped cars or trucks to local projects, such as fire rescue training. Equipment is kept functioning at optimal levels, with the latest technology advanced implemented. Employee skills are also updated to keep up with the latest recycling technologies. This helps keep the plant running smoothly, in a manner that is friendly to all of its surrounding environment. People, pets, and water supplies are unharmed.

On a more pragmatic, daily scale, Athens Auto Recycling offers you opportunities to get cash for vehicles that no longer function, or inexpensive replacement parts to fix simple vehicular problems. Because the company has long-term, community-based goals, you are assured that they will do their best to give you a good deal and keep you coming back as a loyal customer.


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