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A New Revolution in Recycling

Imagine floating in a space shuttle and gazing across the shimmer of stars in the distance and to the azure glow of the planet Earth, and to its magnificence in the vastness of space.

Now imagine looking down at our buildings, homes, and streets. And further upon the greatest of human achievements, like the Great Wall of China or the Statue of Liberty. But instead of their beauty, or craftsmen ship, you see them covered in residue, smeared with layers of pollution from our cars, refineries, and manufacturing plants. Imagine entire buildings covered in heaps of trash, entire rain forests cut to the ground , no more forests, blue water or green vegetation but a desolate waste land stretched as far as the eye can see. Wars erupt for the last food source , or source of water, and then an atomic bomb goes off, a nuclear winter, and in under 20 years the ozone begins to slowly seep into space.

Perhaps if some of today's voters saw this type of future that they would start to recycle. Some people claim that it's not the Earth that needs saving, but ourselves which is partly true. Even if the world suffered a great disaster as it once did 65 million years ago, it would take the planet too long to repair the damages caused by human pollution. The human race requires an immediate food, water, and air supply in orer to survive, but if we extinguish any one of these necessities or dwindle their availability then we face social disorder, wars, famine, and disease. Eventually our situations would worsen until our entire species is extinct.

Such a bleak future may inspire voters to go out and recycle! If just a few hundred people took the time during their day to place the right article of trash into the appropriate receptacle then our future will look much brighter, eg cleaner water for drinking and bathing, and fitter plants and animals. Of course you may say, "I'm just one person , how can one person make a real difference in such a large planet?" The differences are immense, right now individuals like you are saving the rain forest without having to travel, by simply buying acres upon acres of rain forest for as little as $25 to $100 or a square meter for only $5. Have you seen the grandeur of the rain forest, its waterfalls, wildlife , lakes, and multitude of medicinal plant, and animal life? There are hundreds of locations online that will allow you to take advantage in helping each of us save the planet from ourselves.

It has been predicted that well over 1,000,000 sea mammals, turtles, and sea birds are dying due to human waste, which includes many threatened and endangered species, and it may all be evaded if the population made a decision to recycle! Those unfamiliar with the recycling program may wonder what they can and can't recycle! There's no need to worry there are multitude of things you can recycle, from glass bottles and jars, aluminum, cardboard, paper bags, papers, metal cans, frozen food boxes, empty aerosol cans, and much more. and if you call your local or national health depertment you'll be able to dispose of Styrofoam packaging, sneakers, toxic product boxes, and ceramics.

Giant items may also be recycled, for example you can get rid of scrap metal from cars, siding, and window / doorway frames. As well as having the ability to recycle these items as it is eco friendly and will save you money. Scrap yards are presently paying a lot of money for aluminum, copper, brass, and other metals. Loading up a wagon with scrap metal to reuse at the local scrap yard could make you a lot of money and help keep the planet a little bit cleaner! Right now some towns, schools, and companies are already recycling, it's always a great idea to persuade people in your neighborhood, town, or business to start right away. Petitions are a good way to let local legislators know that many folk have an interest in helping in this process. It can be encouraged to not only reuse the waste in your city or business, but to also help by incorporating the employment of recycled papers and other materials into their business strategies. The more cities and companies hear that their voters, employees, or costumers value their recycling efforts the more likely they're to start to reuse on an everyday basis. On a smaller level, starting to help by recycling in ones own home is also a great concept. Each step counts to a better future.

Collect old papers like cartons, and mags rather than throwing them out and give them to colleges for art projects. Old clothing and furniture can always be given to your local charities rather than have them lay to waste in the landfills. If old clothing and blankets are no longer in good shape, local animal shelters are always short of these items for rags or pet bedding. Don't forget, before polluting the Earth, there's more than one option, recycle!

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