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How to Go About Building a Compost Toilet

Composting is a way to turn human waste into organic material called compost that can be used as soil. The soil created by composting is great for having a green lawn and for your garden. Composting also reduces the amount of waste that we contribute to our already overflowing landfills. A composting toilet turns waste into something useful by decomposing the waste and organic matter and creating soil rich in minerals. This process is not a quick one. It takes some time for the material to break down as micro and macro organisms go through the process of decomposition and go through a series of stages.

You can find compost toilets in some public buildings, as well as in private residences. They are a great idea for residences in areas where water is scarce or areas that often suffer from droughts throughout the year. Building a compost toilet is something that many people in these areas are interested in learning more about and that interests people who are concerned about the environment. It is not as hard as you may think to go about building a compost toilet.

A lot of people buy a compost toilet from a company specializing in these products but some people want to be involved by building a compost toilet themselves. Building a compost toilet is a great idea for a hunting cabin or small vacation cabin. Building a compost toilet does not have to be complicated if you go with a model like the sawdust toilet that has a hinged lid. The materials for this compost toilet are available at a local hardware or lumber store and you can even use recycled lumber to keep your costs down.

Building a compost toilet is pretty easy to do. The first thing you have to do is build a box that will be where your waste will be collected. The box should be square and be on legs. It should be approximately 18" deep, 18" wide and 21" long. A wooden box that is this size will be large enough to hold a 5-gallon pail. The legs have to be 12" so the toilet is at a good height for an adult to sit down on it. The hole you drill at the top of the box should be big enough to hold a toilet seat. Building a compost toilet that is this simple will not take a lot of your time.

After the box is completed, you can put the 5-gallon bucket beneath the toilet seat and make sure that you keep the waste covered with things like peat moss, leaf mold, shredded paper or sawdust. When the bucket is full, dump the content into your outdoors composting bin. Dump the waste into the middle of the bin. The bucket will need to be rinsed out and you can use the water from the rinsing to add moisture to the outdoor composting bin. For this type of waste, you need a outdoor compost bin with two chambers. You will need to cover the waste in the compost bin with leaves or straw. You will have great soil for your lawn or garden if you do this kind of composting.


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