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What Causes Air Pollution?

When chemicals and other such harmful elements are released in the atmosphere, they cause air pollution. This air pollution may be caused by both natural as well as man-made factors.

Natural factors that cause air pollution
There are a number of natural factors that are responsible for air pollution. Some of these include:
- Volcanic eruptions. These release oxides of sulphur and nitrogen into the atmosphere that pollute the air.
- Forest fires result in the emission of lot of harmful gases.
- Dust storms cause particulate material to rise in the air. These are fine dust particles that pollute the atmosphere. When these penetrate into the lungs, they cause a lot of damage.
- Volatile organic compounds like Isoprene are naturally produced by plants and pollute the air.

Man-made factors that cause air pollution
Man has advanced but in the process, added a lot of pollution to the atmosphere. At times, we don't even realize that we are polluting the atmosphere. Here are some common man-made factors that pollute the atmosphere:
- Fossil fuels like gas, coal, etc. when burnt emit poisonous gases that pollute the air. These gases include sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, etc.
- Gas stoves and gas heaters release poisonous gases like carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. If the room in which coal is being burnt is not well ventilated, the gas may cause dizziness or result in more serious harm.
- Vehicles emit a lot of gases and thus, cause pollution. Irritation in the eyes in a common symptom of vehicular pollution.
- Various cleaning products and chemicals used in homes result in the emission of poisonous vapors into the atmosphere.
- Cigarette and tobacco smoke is another air pollutant that not only harms the smoker but also the person sitting next to him inhaling the smoke.
- Harmful emissions from factories, industries and power stations are a major air pollutant.
- Modern office equipment like photocopiers, printers, computers also pollute indoor air to some extent. They emit certain harmful vapors into the atmosphere that effect the indoor environment.

The above are some of the natural and man-made factors that cause air pollution. It may not be possible for us to stop the natural air polluting factors but we can definitely take care of the man-made factors. Acting responsibly and putting control on the man-made factors of air pollution can help in reducing air pollution.


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