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Why We Need Air Quality Improvements

We need air quality improvements in our society today and in the future. As science and industry continue to develop, pollution is increasing in the atmosphere faster than ever. We need to have technology for air quality improvements that can keep up with the increasing pollution.

Experts in many areas are working on air quality improvements in a variety of ways. We need to protect our environment from further harm or our quality of life will suffer. We need to protect all aspects of the environment including the water we drink, the farm land our food comes from, the air we breathe, and the climate and the atmosphere. Oil and natural gas industries are doing what they can to come up with ways to provide us the fuel and energy we want and need in a way that is better for the environment.

We all rely on the products and services that the oil and natural gas industry provide us in many different forms. Our economy depends on the factories, large and small businesses and vehicles that are all fueled by products that come from the oil and natural gas industry. These industries employ millions of people around the world in a variety of different fields. The improvement of technology that monitors and controls air pollution is making it easier to get air quality improvements and makes it easier for the oil and natural gas industry to do things in an environmentally friendly way.

More and more efforts are being made towards air quality improvement in our country and this has not gone unnoticed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Most of our cars, the machines that produce our electricity, the equipment in our factories and the things we use at home are powered by combustion. Combustion is very bad for the environment and increases levels of smog, soot and smoke in our atmosphere. The Clean Air Act of 1970 did a lot to reduce the emissions from combustion engines. Since that act was passed, there has been a 29% reduction in the emissions from things we use in our home, from vehicles, from utility companies and from factories.

The oil and natural gas industries are leading the efforts toward air quality improvement. Just consider how many cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles are on the roads in our country every day and how much pollution they could possibly produce. Today, 70 million more people own and drive cars than in 1970, which was the year the Clean Air Act was passed. The 70 million new drivers are driving more miles than were typically driven in 1970. The good news is that despite the increase in the number of drivers and more miles being driven, 41% less emissions have been released, which is a big step in air quality improvements.


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