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How to Hire the Right Air Conditioning Contractor

Whether you're building a new structure or trying to provide air conditioning for an old structure, hiring an air conditioning contractor is a good way to make sure you get a well-planned system that will work without problems for years. The right air conditioning contractor for doing the installation in your building is one with a lot of experience doing air conditioning systems in similar buildings. The contractor should be able to make good recommendations about the right type of air conditioning system to install in your building. But, if you can get a special deal on a particular brand, the contractor should be able to help you choose the right unit within that brand for your needs.

It is a good idea to do more than rely on the information provided to you by an air conditioning contractor. You ought to make yourself familiar with the brands available, typical pricing, and basic air conditioning terminology. For example, it shouldn't sound foreign to you if you are asked whether you are planning to have a high velocity air conditioning system upgraded or installed, or planning to have a forced air system upgraded or installed.

There are other important pieces of information you should gather for the contractor. You need to know how much floor space you have, what types of buildings may be attached, how many levels your building has, and what covered decks or sun rooms may be included in the project. You must also know what your budget is and have a prioritized list in place of what areas need air conditioned in case some must be abandoned to meet your budget.

Talking to the Potential Air Conditioning Contractor

You ought to contact three or more air conditioning contractors before making a decision. Keep a record of their answers to the questions you have. Each should provide you with a written price estimate for the total project. If you aren't sure what questions to ask, here is a partial list of some important information you need to get:

1. Describe your previous experiences with similar projects.

Previous experience is important for more than just the obvious quality of work. It also lets you know how accurately the contractor is able to give price estimates. Experienced contractors know what problems may creep up and how much they cost to overcome. Also, an experienced contractor may foresee these problems and make suggestions on how to change the project before beginning to cut project costs, as well as to make the air conditioning system system run more efficiently.

2. What type of energy rating do you typically get from such a project?

The costs of energy are ever increasing over the course of time. You need a contractor that will help you save money both on the project now and for the duration of your air conditioning system. This typically turns out to be more financially important over the long-run than the project costs.

3. Which air conditioning unit would you recommend for this project? How much does it cost and how much maintenance does it require?

You will find out a lot about your project and the contractor's attention to quality from these questions. It will also help you choose the right unit.

4. Do you have any references?

It is always a good idea to find out what someone else has to say about air conditioning contractors.


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