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A Basic Look at Your Home Air Conditioning Options

In most areas of the United States, air conditioning is a must, particularly during the summer months. Being in closed spaces when the temperatures outside are in the 100s without an air conditioning unit can be life-threatening at worst, and health-threatening at best. In many other areas it is a huge personal comfort to have an air conditioner. Whatever your reasons for looking at your air conditioning options, having an air conditioner installed increases the comfort of your living area and can increase the value of your home.

Air conditioning typically comes in two forms: central air conditioning or window air conditioning. Central air conditioning uses a unit installed outside the house to blow cold air into the house. This is often referred to as forced air or high velocity air cooling, depending on implementation. Both do a reasonably good job of maintaining a livable room temperature during hot weather. A thermostat is installed to control when the unit is running. In some regions a humidity control system may be installed to work together with the air conditioning system to control humidity levels in the house during the summer. Very dry climates may have moisture added to the air, while very wet climates may have moisture removed from the air. This feature is an important component to making the air feel comfortable. Central air conditioning systems will cost considerably more to install than other types of air conditioning, but they are much more effective at evenly cooling a residence and have a much greater positive impact on home market value.

Window air conditioning units are a much more affordable means of cooling a room. They are not very effective for cooling large spaces evenly. But if you just want one cool room to go to in a climate that has a few hot days a year, they are an inexpensive way to get cooling results. These systems just blow cool air in the house and send hot air outside. While it is very cost effective and cooling effective to use such a unit in a small to mid-sized room, it would be expensive and inefficient to use several of these units throughout a house or in a very large room. However, some people do this anyway because they can do it by only paying for one unit at a time, and they don't have to redo the whole duct work on an older house to install this type of unit. There is hardly any positive impact on the market value of a home when these units are added, though.


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